“-Re” House no.1: The Design (3/3)

If I would have free reign over this piece of land and its design, this is what i would do:

• I would create a nice intimate garden at the end of the plot allowing in this way the preservation of the back door and the addition of an actual bike shed.
• The south side faces a narrow path between buildings so the windows have to be as small as possible to allow for privacy. Because of this I would make the garden wall as much as possible ot of glass to allow a better connection with the garden and to allow as much light possible inside.
• I would turn the staircase into a main feature of the house and place it beautifully in the center of the space. I would use the space underneath for a bar to add to the kitchen space.
• Through its transparency, the garden glass wall pushes the staircase up front, emphasises its role while in the same time making it lighter and decereasing the psichological space it occupies.
• The landing on the first floor is large enough to allow for either an office space, a library or a reading/relaxation corner.

The aim of the design was to create greater unity and flow of space as well as to make an outdoor space that would not infringe on the interior space but instead add to it.


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Click here for part 2 “-Re” House no.1: The Adaptation


2 thoughts on ““-Re” House no.1: The Design (3/3)

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