“-Re” House no.5: Chaos

Floor plan designing has a mathematical beauty. A good floor plan allows one to move with ease from space to space. It is elegant and really easy to use. That being said, the floor plan bellow confuses me greatly.

Original layout:

• Completed: 1999
Surface: 90m²
External storage space: 8m²

• Technically it is highly desired to have all the water columns, drain pipes, gas and the works as close as possible. It makes construction easier and any maintenance much faster (as no one will kill anybody faced with the cleaning aftermath). Trust me, being told that there is a leak somewhere on the length of the water pipe that goes diagonally from the entrance door to the bathroom was not funny. Nope. Not at all. The idea that my hallway would turn into a dust world for at least a week made my skin crawl.
So though spreading the toilet, bathroom and kitchen is totally doable is not necessary desirable in the context of an apartment.
• The angle of the bedroom wall is unfortunately something that I have seen more often. It is typically a side effect of a rather not elegant attempt to split an existing space. I do however doubt that is the case for this layout. In an adaptation where there is no way around it, it is something that I would accept. I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d go along! As I have a hard time believing this was a later adaptation, I can’t find any logical explanation.
• The slalom of the corridor is a side effect of the chaos created by the weird placement of the utilities. Though there is technically nothing wrong with it, there is nothing pleasant about it.

re-house-no-5-2_zps2logrek2New layout:
• In my opinion a simpler, more pleasant and much more effective approach is to move the bedroom where the kitchen initially was and to group all the technical functions next to it. This allows for a clean circulation and for the privacy of the bedroom. It allows the usage of the bathroom without worrying about guests and creates a division of the apartment in private and public spaces.
• The living room maintains its large surface and has two distinctive spaces: the kitchen area which allows for a large enough surface for the dining section and a more cozy corner where the sitting area can fit with ease.

• In order to minimize the dead space of the long corridor, the kitchen (the one with the least use of the water and drain pipes) can also be placed on that wall. Its previous location (from the first proposal) can be placed either a reading corner or a small home office.

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