For the Love of: Concrete

Architecture is a practical science. There is no doubt about it. However, as every science, it has an absolute artistic madness to it. People react to its practicality by believing that it is a simple matter and any skilled builder can do it while its artistic beauty makes them view it as untouchable

Graphic in architecture depends based on the intended user. In what concerns floor plans, architects prefer the information given by line thickness and the details of the drawing. This particular graphic is at times hard to read for clients and thus many studios tend to have floor plans that use in their graphics the future textures to be used in the actual apartment (wood floor boards, tiles, rugs and the rest). I personally rather dislike this type of graphic. I find it childish and somewhat inaccurate. I do however understand its usefulness.
And last but not least, the graphics for contractors seem to be somewhere in the middle: lots of information and easy on the fancy graphic games. That can unfortunately be learned the hard way (and rather funny) as one of my dear teachers learned when the builders painted the shadows on the facade of the building. 🙂

While researching and playing with graphics I wondered how would it look if I were to use only materials from the same family to  emphasis the spaces of my apartments. As I rather liked the result here you have the first installment of “For the Love of” series. Enjoy!

Click here for part 2 “-Re” House no.1: The Adaptation


Click here for “-Re” House no.3: Window Fear
Click here for “-Re” House no.3: The Core


Click here for “-Re” House no.5: Chaos


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